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about OSCA

In March of 2019 a group of like minded collectors and dealers came together with the idea of bringing a pinnacle card show to the Portland, Oregon metro area.  At it’s core, the event would be centered around providing a top tier experience for collectors both young and old while establishing a connection between the support of local youth sport organizations.  The group surmised that while this event would be the primary annual gathering, there is also a growing opportunity to create access to the community and engage the collectors in smaller events to both educate and engage collectors of all ages.


Soon thereafter, the Oregon Sports Collector Association (OSCA) was founded.  The association establishment included the development of organizational by-laws, an election of board members and officers, as well as a designation by the IRS as a non-profit tax exempt 501 (c) (3). 


OSCA has worked diligently to establish connections within the local sport community ranging from the Parkrose School District, which was engaged as a key partner allowing for use of their beautiful facilities for future events.  At the same time, a cooperative bond between the Portland Diamond Project and OSCA was formed through a number of events, as well as the exchange of social media access and a commitment to professional baseball in Portland, Oregon.

The future is looking bright as the board of directors is focused on our 2nd annual show, scheduled for October of 2022, as well as many other exciting opportunities on the horizon.  The time has come to PLAY BALL in Oregon!


our mission


Hobbies such as sport card collecting are sometime seen as a thing in the past.  Remnants of a simpler time.  For the members of OSCA, collecting is not only a connection to the sports and athletes that we love, it is also an opportunity to connect with the community.  A tenant of the organization is to give back to the community, in hopes that youth sports will always be a positive outlet for the next generation whether that means playing or being a fan of sport.  Through community outreach programs, we also hope to connect kids once again with the hobby of collecting.  Though it has changed through the years,  there are principles, that just as in sports, will always stay the same.


upcoming events

OCTOBER 15-16, 2022
Sat. 9-4pm & Sun. 9-2:30pm
Parkrose High School




pony soldier.jpg

Need a place to stay for the convention? Click the photo to the right to get the OSCA discount from our partners at the Best Western Pony Soldier Inn.

When calling, ask for the OR Sports Card Collectors arriving on October 14, 2022 for our special rate.

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